I don’t want to reinstall as I might lose my tabs (that’s the reason I have firefox!) and I don’t know what refreshing does but it sounds equally bad. That being said, there are many programs that ARE kernelspace applications, and DO have the ability to kill your computer, and many of them DO have hooks into Firefox (Graphics Drivers, Firewalls, etc.). It is a userspace application and as such does not have the privilege to access the kernel needed to cause a blue-screen, or in your case, kill the computer all together.

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Bookmarks are safe – even if their folder is lost in a sea of garbage. I know the pain of shared computers; grew up with 3 users, 1 PC.

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Luckily modern programs like Firefox have ”profiles”, so if you wish, you can separate user assets by assigning each user their own profile. I haven’t used separate Firefox profiles in a long time, but I think they still separate session and bookmarks, for example.

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If the application finds something, it will be replaced. It should be noted that you should have at least the recommended system requirements to play the game smoothly. In this article, we will go through all the causes as to why this issue occurs and the workarounds involved to solve the problem.

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it’s not that poe destroyed the card, it’s that it really stresses them, especially in part play or with some effects. eventually i exchanged the card for gtx780 and everything was fine again. Anyway, I’ll keep checking back, and of course will let you know if I hear of a solution. I have session manager which happens to do wonders on this stuff. i’m not sure because time can fluctuate between instances. Well, if there’s ever a reason like corruption or a hardware malfunction and the session free shooting games can’t be restored, those tabs are as good as gone.

Maybe look into Firefox profiles for a solution (”and back those tabs up as bookmarks, even if you can’t use the folder right now”)? I suspect you could reach full stability with a reduced tab load. Luckily modern programs like Firefox have profiles, so if you wish, you can separate user assets by assigning each user their own profile. Alright I tried the firefox safe mode and it still crashed, granted after about 40 minutes.