As daily drama and scandal can occasionally overtake the story of American politics, the neighbors up north in Canada may have their own problems to address shortly for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau is in the midst of his third season at the very best job in Ottawa and sportsbooks have released odds on if the Boy Wonder and the Liberal party is going to be re-elected another time Canadians go to the polls.
Online sportsbook BetOnline has Trudeau and the Liberals recorded as a -200 favorite to be back at 24 Sussex Drive following the upcoming national election, scheduled for October 21, 2019.
Here are some factors to think about should you want to innovate in Canadian politics Why are the Liberals now in power?
When the Grits won the national election in 2015, the celebration jumped from 34 seats to 184, which is the single most significant leap in national election background. The Liberals had the distinction of becoming the first federal party to acquire a majority without having been the incumbent or the official opposition prior to the election.
Because he was voted as the leader in 2013, trudeau was seen as a youthful new voice for Canadians from the media. The Grits utilized”Real Change” as his campaign slogan which piggybacked off the Obama campaign’s”Yes We Can” mantra to eliminate the old guard. Voters came out in droves for its 2015 national election and it was the highest voter turnout since 1993.
The Honeymoon Period Is Over
That having been said, a great deal has changed as 2015 and the great vibes brought in by Trudeau have dissipated as considerable growth in Canada’s economy along with the possible overhaul of NAFTA have left his critics much more vocal in those”woke” times we live in.

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